Scientists have proven that water can be altered even without chemicals - by vortex technology which changes its molecular structure and improves it in all aspects. Structured water has a posititve impact on the health of people, animals and plants. Strucutures water is equally effective in industry and many other fields.

Aqualibrium s.r.o. was established in order to introduce the newest scientific findigs about water, which can be used in practice. Our team consists of scientists, who have studied natural qualities of water for many years.

Aqualibrium mostly specializes in development and distribution of unique technologies for regeneration and modification of water without using any chemicals. Our team also focuses on research of water and innovative methods, which make the analysis of the vital quality of water possible even to the smallest detail. We are also passionate about popularization of scientific studies concerning water.

 We are the representatives of the American company Crystal Blue in the Czech Republic as well as the official distributors of their water structuring units.


„Water has many different faces. We bring its best one and change status quo.“ 


Crystal Blue 

The founder of Crystal Blue was a member of a group of scientists, who focused on the development of a device for regeneration of water without chemicals, a.k.a the vortex technology of the Austrian scientists Viktor Schaubergera. The first prototypes were manufactured in the 80s, proper research and technical development started in 2000 after decades of studying the effects of structured water. The production and distribution of the units by Crytsal Blue began in 2011. 


Apart from manufacturing water structuring units, Crystal Blue also funds the annual international conferance about water. The expert guarantor of the conference is Gerald Pollack, a professor of bioengineering at Washington university. Learn more about the conference here: 


All Crystal Blue products for structuring water are made of stainless steel of the highest quality and other top-class materials, such as gold and quartz glass. All products fulfil the European legislation and possess all the certificates.


If you want to learn more our try our products, please, do not hesitate to contact us.  



All CRYSTAL BLUE products are certified for the European market and meet all required legal norms.