The CRYSTAL BLUE SU-1 is a unique flow device which adjusts water in a non-chemical way. This unit falls into the category of innovative vortex technology. The unit not only impoves the quality and taste of water but also reduces the presence of limescale. Lear more about the benefits here.

Water obtains an organized molecule structure and its biophysical properties improve as well. This water is easily absorbable which further multiplies its hydrating properties which are essential for functioning healthy organism.

Units of the PERSONAL line have the inner surface of the casing covered in 24k gold. After many experiments, gold was concluded as the best material for preventing corrosion of the unit due to oxidation caused by repeated exposure to air.

  • HF-1 units are made of high quality stainless steel. The inner casing of the copper tube is covered in 24k gold.
  • HF-1 units are maintenance-free, without any mechanical or replaceable parts.
  • The units don't need any power supply or external source.
  • Without chemicals and magnets.
  • The SU-1 unit is usually installed into the water distribution system right before shower or sink battery. This unit is suitable for smaller housing units.
  • Water can flow through the unit in both ways.

CRYSTAL BLUE Water Structuring Products are certified for the European Market and meet all the required legal norms.

Important notice: The distance between the unit and the outflow should not exceed 100 metres. If the unit is used for any other drink besides water (wine, juice etc.), it is necessary to rinse the unit after with vinegar and than water, in order to cleanse the unit properly. Attention! Due to the deposition of fat, it is not recommende to use the unit for milk.


material Stainless Steel, 24K gold plated
breadth (cm) 14
device diameter (cm) 4,6
weight (kg) 1,2
screw-thread (inch) 1/2"