How does vortex technology change water?


We consider water from mountain springs to be the purest and the best water. Why is that? Because of constant motion and swirls. It's not like water in a pipes that flows out of our taps. It has different molecular structure, similar to the one in living organisms. And that’s what makes these waters to be so different.



Structure defines properties


E.g. pure carbon can be either graphite or diamond. Their composition is identical, the difference lays in their „architecture”. It is the structure that defines their completely different properties.


Ordinary water can be changed too.   

Crystal Blue structuring devices use sophisticated vortex technology inspired by the movement of water in nature, which through self-organisation restores water’s original ability to support life. Handcrafted structuring units function solely on natural physical principles. They need no chemicals, no replaceable parts, no electricity

The inner part of the device consists from a combination of differently conductive materials, which transforms the unit into a wet galvanic cell, that creates an electromagnetic charge in the flowing water. Charged water becomes biologically active, as is the fresh spring water. Lot of free electrons are generated by the flow ready to participate in the process. So, when, for example, chlorine encounters these free electrons, it is "saturated" and neutralised by conversion to a non-reactive form and furthermore it evaporates easily. This makes water safer for long-term consumption.

Water flows through symmetrically arranged quartz glass spheres which induce intense turbulent and vortex motion. Such motion removes the existing structural arrangement including the structural imprint of toxic substances, which is stored in the molecular structure of water. The water is thus ready to adopt new vibrational patterns and acquire new effects and properties. After passing through the unit, the water becomes coherent and revitalised.

Vortex motion also breaks up large molecular clusters into smaller sets of molecules that are much better absorbed into cells, improving hydration and overall metabolism.

By drinking structured water on daily basis, we can positively affect our health. In addition to the benefits associated with your lifestyle, it brings many others - like significant savings. Structured water has even more advantages. Read about the benefits here.