Concerning the various advantages which the Crystal Blue water structuring units bring, we offer the possibility to acquire grants in the following areas, which will be introduced as part of the new programming period 2021-27. Grants will be provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Energy saving and renewable sources
  • Modernization of devices for production and distribution of energy for selfconsumption, leading to increased efficiency
  • Modernization or configuration changes of manufacturing or processing devices
  • Realization of  hydrogen applications
  • Implementation of innovative elements of managing an efficient handling of energy
  • Reducing energy performance and increasing use of renewable sources of energy
  • Environmental measures, transformation of coal regions and support of transition to circular economy
  • Reconstruction of facilities which use dangerous chemicals in the manufacturing process,refrigeration equipment, storage tanks, liquid hydrocarbon tanks, storehouses of flammable liquids and liquid industrial fertilizers
  • Development and modernization of water treatment stations and increasing quality of sources of drinking water, including the development and modernization of systems for protection of drinking water sources in their immediate proximity serving public needs
  • Recycling of water in manufacturing enterprises in sectors with high consumption of water for technological purposes (food industry, papermaking, chemical, textile, energy etc.)
  • Optimalization of water consumption within the manufacturing process, with the primary goal to minimaze water consumption
  • Subsequent use of utilized operational water in different processes – installation of suitable filtration technology
  • Organic farming
  • Support of environment-friendly farming systems
  • Strenghtening of soil degradation
  • Preservation and renewal of valuable sites of agricultural land from the standpoint of species variability and increasing ecological stability and aesthetic value of landscape 
  • Investment in animal and plant production that aims to minimaze production cost, modernization or improvement of quality of products
  • Increasing eficiency of manufacturing and the overall competitiveness of small and medium businesses in the field of agricultural products
  • Introduction of industry 4.0 and robotization
  • Modernization of healthcare


Financial support for the realization of projects will be provided either directly (grants, different forms of returnable support or financial tools) or indirectly (e.g. investment).

If you are interested in further information on how to utilize different forms of financial support for your project, please, do not hesitate to contact us.